Almodovar returns to the big screen with Volver

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10 March 2006, MADRID — Pedro Almodovar, Spain's Oscar-winning director, returns to the big screens of the world with Volver .

10 March 2006

MADRID — Pedro Almodovar, Spain's Oscar-winning director, returns to the big screens of the world with Volver .

The film will have its first showing for 1,000 special guests at his home town of Puertollano in La Mancha on Friday, then goes on general release from 17 March.

Volver (Return) is suffused with passion for his La Mancha homeland and affection for some of his favourite actresses, including Penelope Cruz and the director's first muse, Carmen Maura.

Amid the thrill of expectation that is always stirred up by one of his new projects, Almodovar has described the film as "a dramatic comedy, almost an 'Indiana Jones' of domestic adventures of a family".

At the world premiere of Volver will be about 1,000 exclusive guests, the director himself and several of the starring actresses, who finished filming last October.

The fame he has amassed from his earlier feature films ensured that even the start of shooting on this, his sixteenth, project attracted the attention of journalists from all over the world, including Spain, France, Italy, Britain and even Japan.

Volver is, in the words of Almodovar, a return to his roots and to the memory of his mother.

"I base it totally on my life, my memories and those of my family," he said.

In addition, it represents a return to comedy, to the feminine universe and to reflections on death, but without the suggestion of a tragic element.

Above all, the film speaks of the cult of death in rural areas,specifically in La Mancha, the high barren plains of south-central Spain known primarily as the setting of much of Don Quixote.

Many scenes take place in the town of Almagro, before the action shifts to Madrid.

Volver is the story of a rural family's move to the Spanish capital, where they try to survive.

To give life to the feminine universe and the complicated relationships between mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and female neighbours - to whom he pays heartfelt tribute - Almodóvar relies upon an extraordinary selection of actresses.

The cast includes Maura and Cruz - the latter of whom is Spain's most internationally known female actor - as well as Lola Dueñas, Blanca Portillo, Chus Lampreave and the young Yohana Cobo.

The reunion with Maura is something that both director and actor knew would come after many years without working together, specifically since 1987 in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

"It's one of those things that happen by themselves. The chemistry established itself as if there had been no interruption," Almodóvar said.

Cruz, who plays Maura's daughter in the movie and is a mixture of Sofia Loren and Claudia Cardinale, has confessed that she feels "heavenly" under Almodóvar's direction.

"He's completely different from the others, and he has a special dedication to his actors," said Cruz, who also appeared in the director's Live Flesh and Everything About My Mother, the latter of which won Almodóvar the Oscar for best foreign film in 2000.

Three years later, he would win another Oscar, this time for best original screenplay for Talk to Her.

Almodovar says that he has no guarantee that this film adventure will turn out all right but he needed to "return" to his roots to survive, not financially but - as he himself has revealed - from the point of view of his "passion" for telling stories.

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