Adopt-Extremaduran blog "joke" falls flat

31st July 2008, Comments 0 comments

A politician urging readers on his internet blog to adopt an Extremaduran child for EUR 1,000 a month could face legal charges.

31 July 2008

MADRID - A Catalan nationalist politician who urged readers of his internet blog to "adopt an Extremaduran child for EUR 1,000 a month" could face legal charges after Extremaduran officials said Wednesday that they are asking prosecutors to look into the case.

Lluís Suñé Morales, who represented the leftist-Green ICV-EUiA party in the last general election, claims the post was meant as a "joke," mocking Extremadura's use of regional financing, a considerable chunk of which is provided by the wealthier region of Catalonia.

The blog post was accompanied by a picture of two naked, grubby children with the words "SOS Extremadura needs you" in English emblazoned above them.

Extremaduran officials described Suñé Morales as "ignorant" of the reality in Extremadura, which has the lowest income per capita in Spain.

[El Pais / Ángeles Espinosa / Expatica]

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