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Moving is an important event that should not be underprepared. With 37 years experience in the international removals industry, AGS International Movers has the expertise to guide you through every step of your move. AGS has provided some information here that will undoubtedly make your move easier.

To prepare yourself properly, it is important you start early. About three months in advance you should organise money transfers, visas, vaccinations, and the enrolment of children at school and other clubs to facilitate the move.

You can also request a removal quotation at this stage by clicking here and completing the form. The evaluation of your removal needs, and the costs associated with it, is free of charge.
To make sure you do not forget anything click here to download the moving checklist.

Here's what to expect for an international move:

Technical visit
To provide you with a quote tailored to your needs and to answer all your questions, AGS performs a technical visit. This is a visit to your home and includes evaluating the volume of items to be moved, the ease of access to your home, and noting any fragile objects. The visit is free and enables us to give you an accurate quote.
The AGS trained representative will tell you about the one move = one tree initiative. This project aims to reduce the carbon footprint created by business activities by planting a tree for every international move. A tree certificate is emailed to you at the end of your move.

On the day of the move, goods are packed with special packing material adapted to each type of object. In addition to standard cartons, there are also halogen lamp cartons, wardrobe cartons for clothes, and CD and DVD cartons. AGS even has a carpentry service available to ensure the safe transportation of special items.

Loading Day

On loading day, AGS sends out a qualified team to ensure that your goods are safely loaded onto the container or truck. Depending on how many items that are being moved, packing and loading may be the same day.

No empty spaces are left in crates upon loading and where containers are not full, heavy duty timber partitioning is utilized, providing additional security for all goods being transported. All handling operations are done by AGS Movers' qualified workers, using pallet trucks and elevators.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is mandatory and the process varies from country to country. The experience and local presence of AGS helps with this important step.

Do not hesitate to ask the sales representative what custom clearance documents are required when signing the quotation and be sure to complete all the necessary documents as soon as possible. This way, the custom clearance process will not be delayed because of missing documents.

The Delivery
The delivery of your goods is almost identical to the packing and loading procedures. The truck or container will be offloaded at your residence. If the residence is difficult to access by truck a shuttle service will be used. Items are placed in the appropriate areas of the home, all packaged items are unwrapped, and all cartons are unpacked. The crew will make sure all waste is taken with them and all cartons are recycled. They will make sure you are happy with the unpacking step before leaving you to start making your new residence a home.

The AGS International Movers team hopes that this introduction to the moving process has been helpful. For more information, visit

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