A summer hit for the Basque tongue

A summer hit for the Basque tongue

23rd June 2008, Comments 0 comments

The Basque government is using music to entice public and promote the Basque language.

SPAIN - Two years ago, the Basque Government commissioned illustrator Antton Olariaga and writer Anjel Lertxundi to come up with a so-called "antibody" aimed at promoting the Basque language.

"The first beneficial antibody for the organism," as it was called is now infecting more and more people in a positive linguistic fashion thanks to the music video and song, Pixka bat es mucho.

The organisers handed out copies of the music video and a CD with Pixka bat es mucho's catchy melody, encouraging them to play it as many times as possible.

The lyrics of Pixka bat es mucho promotes the belief that even the smallest effort to use the Basque language, Euskera, enriches everyone. The promoters of the song aim to turn it into a summer hit that will be played all over the Basque Country.

On 6 June, the Basque Government hosted an event at the Bataplán discotheque in San Sebastián to launch the linguistic campaign, inviting music promoters, bands, DJs and nightclub owners to come and listen or even to make their own remixes.

The song, which will be played on television and radio, can be downloaded in the Spanish or Basque languages from the official website www.pixkabatesmucho.com.

Naike, Mikel and Iñigo, the three professional musicians that make up the group, appear in the music video.

The tune could be described as a song with strong pop roots, providing a different reason to be proud to speak Euskera.

At the presentation in early June, the group performed for a crowd that included the deputy regional chief of linguistic policy, Patxi Bastarrika, who stressed that Pixka bat es mucho, "is not compulsory listening; it is an invitation for all of us to do our part, no matter how small it may be".


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