Jobs in Madrid

Finding jobs in Madrid

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Looking to work in Madrid or start a business in Spain? Here are Expatica's tips for finding a range of available jobs in Madrid.

Spain has been greatly affected by the economic crisis. Yet, the city of Madrid is still recognised as the major business centre of the country, and in some industries, where more jobs are available. The northern part of Madrid's centre is where business activity is mainly situated, and the major trade fairs are held in the eastern part of Madrid.

Starting a business in Madrid

If you are eager to start up your own business in Madrid, or develop your existing business further, the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid can provide you with useful information and advisory business services. Their website is, and the information is presented in both English and Spanish. You can also call them if you have any questions at + 34 91 538 35 00, or email them at

Jobs in Madrid

If you are looking for a job in the Spanish capital, one of the best ways is to visit the most popular Spanish job engines: and Both websites offer you different listings and ways to narrow down your job search to match your particular interests. Although most of the listings are in Spanish, listings in English can also be found. Registration on the website is only necessary if you apply for a position. 

For more information on the diverse job opportunities in Madrid, visit Madrid's online newspaper, the ABC. Also check out the Madrid advertising portal – Segundamano. Segundamano publishes more than just job offers, it also has real estate offers, trade offers, and more.  Both the ABC and the Segundamano are in Spanish. JobsinMadrid is in English and is a rich website containing job offers with English as the working language.

Jobs in Madrid

Teaching English in Madrid

If you are looking for work as an English teacher, Madrid is a very promising location for finding a job. Native English speakers are in demand at Spanish language schools. UK and EU citizens have the right to work in Spain but if you are from outside the EU, it is likely you will need a permit to work.

In addition, you may have a better chance at landing a job if:

  • You have at least a Bachelor Degree
  • You have some knowledge of Spanish
  • You have credentials for teaching English, like TEFL or CELTA.

There are two main ways of teaching English in Madrid. One is to work privately and the second is to work at a language school. More information about job opportunities in the teaching sphere can be found in the English newspaper In Madrid at You can also e-mail your CV or contact language schools in Madrid  directly. Click here for listings of the Language Schools in Madrid. It might be useful for you to check out, where you can also find offers for English teaching positions.

Job agencies in Madrid

If you are not comfortable looking for a job by yourself in Spain, you can use the help of an employment agency. Click here to find a list of employment agencies in Madrid.  

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