International schools in Madrid and Barcelona

International schools in Madrid and Barcelona

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If you're living in Spain, here is a list of international schools in Madrid and Barcelona to enrol your child into education in Spain.

International schools in Madrid

The International School of Madrid
This school is an independent co-educational primary and secondary school, offering a British curriculum to children from three to eighteen years of age. The school is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and is permitted to take students of all nationalities. The school is also a member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain. ISM is an inclusive school which welcomes and values all of its students and their families. The institution aims to create a family/community atmosphere where children feel safe and secure, and in which there is fluid communication between home and school.

Address: Rosa Jardón, 3, 28016 Madrid
Telephone:  +34 913 59 07 22 ‎

Runnymede College
This school was founded as a private school in September 1967, to provide British education in Madrid for English-speaking students of all nationalities. Since 1993 it has been authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture to have Spanish students as well. The school is regularly visited by British inspectors. Among the school's primary goals are: to encourage an international outlook, awareness of and respect for the different cultures represented among the students; to provide an all-round, academic, liberal humanist education to all students regardless of their sex, race, religion or nationality; and to help each child to maximise his or her potential, whether intellectual, artistic or physical.

Address: Calle Salvia 30, La Moraleja, 28109 Alcobendas, Madrid
Telephone:  +34 916 508 302

The English Montessori School
This school is a private co-educational school which caters to the educational needs of students of the Spanish and international communities in Madrid. The school is recognised by both the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture as a foreign British centre, and by Great Britain as a British School in Spain. Traditionally TEMS students rank among the best in Madrid on external exams. The language of instruction from three to sixteen years of age is English, and the programme followed in the school is the English National Curriculum.

Address: C/ de la Salle S/N, Aravaca, , 28023 Madrid
Telephone:  +34  91 357 26 67

King's College
This school is a co-educational day and boarding school which provides British education for children from the age of two to eighteen years (pre-nursery to year 13). Since it was founded in 1969, King's College has gained a reputation for high academic standards and excellent academic results, with students going to the best universities in Britain, the United States, Spain and many other countries. An experienced Careers and University Entrance Advisory Department is available to all pupils, and the Oxbridge preparatory group prepares students applying to Oxford and Cambridge universities. The school is proud of the excellent academic results obtained every year and the entrance of senior pupils to the best universities in the world.

Address: Paseo de los Andes,35, Soto de Viñuelas, 28761Madrid
Telephone: +34 918 034 800

Hastings School
This school is a co-educational primary and secondary school, which is fully recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education for children from three to eighteen years of age. It is also a member of the prestigious National Association of British Schools in Spain. Founded in 1971, Hastings has become extremely popular and has a earned a good reputation due to its strong commitment to the individual needs of children and its excellent academic results. The school focuses on learning, not teaching, and tries to provide an environment where all children learn as effectively as possible. The school has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, but at the same time there is a serious and dedicated approach to study.

Address: Pso de la Habana, 204,8036 Madrid
Telephone: +34 91 359 06 21

Numont School
Established in 1962, this school is a small family school located in a quiet, residential area in Madrid. Numont is a co-educational primary school for children between the ages of three and eleven. Numont strives to bring out the best in boys and girls of varying levels of ability. The pupil to teacher ratio is 10:1, which ensures that each child is able to receive the individual attention that he or she needs. The emphasis is on building confidence and self-esteem through a healthy, positive attitude towards learning. The school follows the British National Curriculum, and prepares pupils for examinations at key stages. There is special emphasis on English, Maths and Science.

Address: C/ Parma 16, 28043 Madrid
Telephone: +34 91 300 24 31

Kensington School
This is a British school of long standing prestige, both within Spain and abroad. It is recognised officially as a British school subject to British government legislation and regular inspections conducted under the auspices of the British Council in Spain. Kensington is a founding member, since 1978, of NABSS (The National Association of British Schools in Spain). Apart from encouraging and valuing independent thought, creativity, play, investigative skills, enjoyment of study, it also places great store by seriousness and application in study, and by personal discipline in contrast to that externally imposed.

Address: Avenida de Bularas N2, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
Telephone: +34 91 715 46 99

International schools in Barcelona

The British School of Barcelona
This school is committed to excellence at all levels, in order to provide a high quality and enjoyable education for each individual child. All students receive the respect, encouragement and dynamic educational opportunities needed to be successful, confident members of a modern and ever-changing world. This school offers a British education to children from three to eighteen years of age. It follows the structure and curriculum of The English National Curriculum, with complementary lessons given in Spanish and Catalan. The school opened in the academic year 1958 in Castelldefels under the name of The Anglo-American School, and today is considered one of the best international schools in Spain.

Address: CalleGinesta, 26, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 665 15 84

The International School of Catalunya
This school offers the English National Curriculum in Barcelona. Its mission is to offer a secure, nurturing and multicultural environment in which the intellectual, physical, emotional and creative development of each student is optimized, while still respecting the language, culture and creativity of every individual. Through its exemplary programme of instruction, ISCAT is committed to providing a learning environment, free from discrimination, in which a lifelong passion for culture and learning, and an appreciation of both personal and host country cultural heritage is fostered. Integrity, respect and responsibility are the keystones in helping students to become enlightened world citizens and independent thinkers.

Address: Passeig 9, La Garriga, 08530 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 841 4077

Oak House School
This school first opened its doors in September 1968, in what used to be a country estate at number 12 on San Pedro Claver Street. Since then, the school has undergone many modifications. The aim of the institution is for students to be given more than a good instruction, thus enabling them to get on satisfactorily in competitive terms in their professional lives. The school's mission is primarily to prepare students to be active community members. A tutor is assigned to each pupil to look after his or her education and welfare, to monitor progress and help out with any problems. The tutors are directly responsible for students in their charge. School life evinces the principles of solidarity, mutual assistance and respect.

Address: C/ Sant Pere Claver, 12-18, 08017 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 932 524020

American School of Barcelona
ASB is an International Baccalaureate World School offering the IB Diploma Program. The school has a proven track record of success, with the students scoring well above the international average. ASB is well known for its personal approach that fosters a ‘family atmosphere', making visitors and stakeholders feel welcome. Since its beginnings in 1962, parents, students and staff have felt a strong sense of commitment to the school and community. ASB's vision is to continue its legacy of being a friendly school with excellent academics, while embracing international trends that will take the school into its next phase, including the implementation of a facilities improvement plan, a continued emphasis on the importance of lifelong learning and a shared school-wide imperative that students be empowered to create a better world.

Address:  C/ JaumeBalmes 7, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 371 4016

The Europa International School
This school is an educational establishment which promotes human rights, as well as universal and democratic values. The Europa International School aims to link closely with other European nations and to give students the opportunity to be fluent in Catalan, Spanish and possess a high level of English. The school enrols mainly Catalan students, but is open to those of other nationalities. An integral part of the school's philosophy is to form excellent work and study habits, and to create a learning environment where children feel comfortable and secure.

Address: Av. PladelVinyet, 110, 08172 SantCugat del Valles, Barcelona
Telephone: +34 935 898 420   

Benjamin Franklin International School
The Benjamin Franklin International School is a non-profit, independent, co-educational day school located in the residential neighborhood of Sarriá. The school offers three Diploma programs: American High School Diploma, Spanish Baccalaureate Certificate and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. BFIS is a truly international school with a diverse and engaged student body, faculty and parent community, now comprised of over 49 different nationalities. BFIS encourages and supports students to be curious, independent learners who pursue their passions and understand the beauty and power of knowledge. BFIS believes academic excellence is worth the effort and graduates receive offers of acceptance and merit-based scholarships from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many on and off campus activities are offered, including sports, team competitions, performing arts, academic clubs, Model United Nations, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

Address: CarrerMartorell i Peña N9, 08017 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 434 2380

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5 Comments To This Article

  • Greg posted:

    on 22nd October 2016, 18:46:59 - Reply

    Hi, thank you for these very useful insights. Would you recommend another IB school in Barcelona? Thanks, Regards, Greg

    [Moderator's note: You can also post questions on our Ask the Expert free service.]

  • yoliveau posted:

    on 7th August 2015, 00:36:16 - Reply

    This is a nice review of the schools but I would definitely not describe BFIS (Benjamin Franklin International School) as a place of high educational standards and certainly not worth the price tag it charges for the program it provides. There are a few "star" teachers which are worth their weight in gold, but on a whole, the staff turnover is high and the morale among in the upper schools teachers is quite low. Mid-year departures of high-school teachres are becoming the norm leaving IB paricipants forced to finish the program with an online substitute. In 2014 alone, my kids went through 3 different spanish teachers and the IB Pyschology teacher disappeared never to be replaced.

    The school has been plagued with problems of stability in governance and management since 2010 that has led to poor teaching hires and a degradation in the community fabric. Since 2010 they have gone through 3 head of schools and are currently looking for yet another one. The Finance Director only lasted one year and this spot is also vacant.

    The Foundation Board is continuously changing and primarily made up of foreigners that do not have either the capacity, experience or willingness to understand or comply to local regulations on operational requirements. The result: 3 lawsuits against the school in 2 years. This instability also traslates into an curiicular program has not changed in several years with a very poor selection of electives to choose from.

    I write this as a family that has attended the school since 2010. I would recommend that new families stay away from this campus until a record of stability is established that will finally translate to program improvement. This will be optimal as they are also undertaking major campus renovations and moving students into temporary bunkers that are either too cold or too hot.

    In short, for money that you will spend, you are better looking elsewhere for high school. The elementary and middle school programs seem to be a safe bet, however.

    No school review is valid forever, and I just can share our experience in the last few years at this school. We have finally had enough and are moving our kids to greener pastures.
  • ISB posted:

    on 13th April 2015, 15:22:41 - Reply

    INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BARCELONA (ISB) is located in a residential area overlooking the town of Sitges, around 39km south of Barcelona.
    ISB follows British Curriculum and is a provider of International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.
    ISB offers a balanced and wide curriculum with an international outlook. We offer our students integration in the diverse and rich society that surrounds them. They will have an opportunity to become familiar with different languages and cultures. This will give them a wider vision in order to study subjects with more than one perspective and, in this way they will develop morally, culturally, mentally and physically.

    Address: Passeig Isaac Albniz, s/n 08870 Barcelona
    Telephone: 34 93 811 0305

  • shahin posted:

    on 15th February 2015, 07:21:56 - Reply

    Hello friends.
    The Manchester School of English welcomes everyone who wishes to learn English at our British Council Accredited School here in the UK.
    English Language School located in the heart of Manchester that provides General English courses for students of all levels in a friendly environment.

    Manchester English School is a school of English which is accredited by the British Council. Our school of English is famous all over the world for providing quality English language courses. The school of English is located in the city of Manchester

  • John posted:

    on 31st January 2014, 16:25:30 - Reply

    Not sure how to get this in the Fitness and Sports Section.
    But, this Madrid Basketball is great for staying in shape and meeting other Expats.

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