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Checklist for moving to Germany

15th May 2012, Comments0 comments

Checklist for moving to Germany
Our guide takes you through essential information to help you settle into Germany.

German visas and residence permits

If you've just landed in Germany, it's tempting to start exploring, but there are some essential tasks to get through first. Sorting out your German visa or residence permit is the first essential step. Expatica guides you through the immigration, residency and visa regulations for Germany.

Opening a bank account

Another essential step is opening a bank account in Germany. Visit our Banking section for details on how to do this and keep up-to-date with news from the financial world.

Finding a home

So you have your German visa and bank account. Now you need to find a place to stay: Should you rent or buy a home—in Germany and where? Expatica helps you to do the research and decide on the best housing option. For basic guides to renting and buying in Germany, visit our Renting and Buying sections.


Education in Germany

Education overseas is another important point for you to consider when moving abroad with your family. You’ll need to decide on local or international education for your children and then pick a school. Visit our School section to find out about the education system in Germany. If you have young children, you may need to enrol them in a daycare centre or hire an au pair. Expatica’s Kids and Pre-school sections will help you to find suitable childcare. Students should visit our Higher Education section and our Courses & Workshops section has something for everyone.

Finding a job

If you are looking for a job, then check out our guide to Looking for work in Germany. You can also use our Job search tool and our Employment & Trends section. Expatica’s A-Z listings will direct you to specialist agencies abroad.

Learning the German language

Speaking German is important if you want to improve your social life as well as job prospects, therefore make sure that you enrol in a language school or a municipal course. Check out our language section for useful articles on learning German such as Learning German: passing the critical stage.

German healthcare

So far so good, but don’t forget your health – moving country is stressful. Learn about the German health system, choose a health insurer and find a doctor.

Driving in Germany

If you want to get out on the roads, find out if you can exchange your driving licence and, if you don’t have one, find out if you can learn or even take your test in English or a language other than the local one. Both the Getting Started and Travel & tourism sections carry information on driving in Germany and driving licences.

Join the community

Get out and about, and network. Become a member of Expatica’s community in Germany, make full use of Expatica’s forums, and use the dating site to meet and interact with like-minded people in the international community.

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