Wim Wenders vows to finish 3D Pina Bausch film

22nd July 2009, Comments 0 comments

The film will be "a homage to the famous German choreographer renowned for giving dance a new language,” Wenders said.

Berlin -- German director Wim Wenders said on Tuesday that he planned to complete a 3D dance film he had been making with legendary choreographer Pina Bausch before her recent death.

Wenders, the maker of Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, and Bausch had spent six months working on the film and pre-production had already begun, his film company Neue Road Movies and Bausch's dance theatre said.

"The sudden death of Pina Bausch stopped these plans.... But the work of her company goes on, and for years to come the dance plays of Pina Bausch will be performed, continuing to inspire audiences around the world," a statement said.

Bausch's family, her dance company in the German town of Wuppertal and the film production have decided to press ahead with the project, especially as they have been urged in letters from around the world to do so.

"A new concept has to be developed, of course. We are working on it. And we will not let the opportunity and privilege pass to record in 3D the choreographies and dance compositions rehearsed and overseen by Pina Bausch," Wenders said. "Her critical and loving eye is still very present in these works. We feel obliged to fulfil her wish to document her art in the best possible way and to make it available to audiences worldwide."

He added that the film, called Pina, would be "a homage to the famous German choreographer renowned for giving dance a new language, and a deep bow to the beauty she released into the world."

Bausch was the grande dame of modern choreography, making an indelible mark on the world dance scene with her highly personal and unusual style. She died on June 30 aged 68.


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