Turkish cultural worker sacked over Holocaust comparison

26th June 2008, Comments 5 comments

The head of a Turkish cultural centre in western Germany has been sacked after comparing Turkish-German relations to anti-semitism in the 1930s

Berlin  -- A German institute of Turkish studies sacked its Turkish-born director Thursday after he said Turks in Germany and other European countries suffered discrimination similar to that suffered by the Jews in the Holocaust.

The Essen-based Centre for Turkish Studies, which is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said it had decided to sack Faruk Sen for the comment and for previous remarks that presented a distorted picture of relations between Turks and Germans in Germany.

Sen had contributed to polarization, rather than integration, the institute's central aim, it said.

Sen, who has led the well-known institute since its founding in 1985, said he would launch a legal appeal.

Speaking to the German daily Tageszeitung from Istanbul, he described the decision as an "overreaction by the executive" in remarks to be published Friday.

More than a month ago, Sen compared discrimination against Turks in Western Europe with the persecution of the Jews by Germany during World War II in an article in the Turkish newspaper Referans.

He subsequently distanced himself from the remarks and apologized. DPA





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  • duh posted:

    on 28th June 2008, 13:08:44 - Reply

    Finally Expatica is back to bring at least two news items per day that have "Nazi" or "Holocaust" in them. GERMANS ARE NAZIS after all. At least that is the message Expatica is trying to bring across
  • flying tiger posted:

    on 27th June 2008, 16:13:24 - Reply

    Well, at least Mr Sen didn't get fire-bombed like millions of German Citizens did during WWII. But of course you must consider that being blasted into a thousand fragments doesn't hurt very long where as the prolonged death of the Holocaust is much worse. Having your whole family suddenly disappear is much better than the terrible Holocaust since it took years to die in most instances. Maybe someone should bomb Mr Sen so he wouldn't have suffer the Holocaudt effect. By the way, Mr Sen is a semite, the greater part of the Jews in Europe are Kahzarian in origin and originally came from the former Kahzarian Empire which was eventually taken by Russia. These are also called Ashkenazi Jews. So much for Semite is concerned. By the way, maybe they could put Mr Sen in one of those open air camps which the Allies proveded for the German soldiers went after they willing surrendered toward the end of the war so they would be treated like human beings. Well Mr SEn should about a Million German soldiers died in those open air camps because the allies didn';t see fit to feed them and they thought all that fresh air was good for them even though the temperatures were often below freezing. Was there a ?Dresden? Was there a Hamburg? Was there a Cologne?
    Flying Tiger
  • Al reply posted:

    on 27th June 2008, 15:29:29 - Reply


    Why are you talking about the "Turks" when we are talking about 1 Turkish man who has made some innapropriate comments. The "Turks" are not taking away any jobs from "REAL" Germany as you describe them-but rather doing the jobs that several Germans choose not to do. Let us be fair and honest now please!
  • Al posted:

    on 27th June 2008, 14:53:30 - Reply

    why is this "Turkish cultural centre" getting ANY funding at all? What do they learn there? Radical Islam? Holocaust denial? How to presecute Armenians? Why is the government funding such institutions? Aren't the Turks happy enough with all the funding for the dole, housing, and all the jobs they take from real Germans? If they don't like Germany and if they are going to be racist they should all go home where those views are popular.
  • john doe posted:

    on 27th June 2008, 13:05:47 - Reply

    This man is an obscenity, not worthy of the ground he stands on. He should be either arrested or deported back to Turkey, where he would feel more at home amongst his anti-semitic compatriots and fellow islamic supremacists.