"Truth" about WWII a matter of opinion, says Polish media

3rd September 2009, Comments 0 comments

A discussion of the varying forms of WWII history ruled Polish media Wednesday, the day after the 70th anniversary of the war.

Warsaw -- German, Russian and Polish leaders each presented their own versions of the "truth" about World War II at ceremonies in Poland marking the 70th anniversary of the conflict's outbreak, Polish media said Wednesday.

"From morning to night the word 'truth' was over-exploited. (Polish President) Lech Kaczynski, firmly supported by (Polish Prime Minister) Donald Tusk, and (Russian Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin said what they really think about this difficult history. But each presented their own 'truth', diverging truths," Poland's Dziennik daily said.

"(German Chancellor) Angela Merkel's clear statement that Germany was 100 percent responsible for starting the war, was very important. Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin said exactly the opposite," Polish historian Antoni Dudek told the Dziennik daily.

Putin "linked the Polish-German non-aggression pact of 1934 with the (1938) Munich Agreement (France, Britain, Nazi Germany) and the (Soviet-Nazi Germany) Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact (of 1939) to conclude that a political game, played particularly by Poland, led to World War II," Dudek said.

"The heads of government did not find agreement on historic issues, but they did come a little closer in their positions," Poland's liberal Gazeta Wyborcza said Wednesday.

"None of the leaders crossed the line which could have annihilated the chances for Polish-Russian reconciliation," it noted.

"The path of reconciliation for Polish and Russian versions of history is still very long," the Polska daily said.


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