Thoughtful quotations to start 2010

Thoughtful quotations to start 2010

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To see in the New Year we thought to share a few quotations which are sure to stir a deep thought or two for the year ahead.

The Long Search, Ninian Smart (1977)

'If all men believed the same thing our planet would lose half its excitement, as well as many of its problems. Men's pictures of the world impel some to sanctity, others to hatred. They supply many with a special sense of belonging. If we wish to understand humanity, we need to  explore this gallery of pictures. For much of history and hope is formed by the ways men perceive themselves and their world.'

'Indeed, if we are to search properly we must be able to put aside our own presuppostions and our own judgements about truth and value. We must try to enter into the lives of others, and see the world from their point of view'

In religion, we need to be able to think and feel what it is like to be a Muslim on his way to Mecca or a Buddhist as he sits in medittation. It isn't much good measuring the responses of the Muslim or the Buddhist by the feelings of a Christian or an agnostic. This is the challenge and glory of the study of humanity - the task of always trying to look through others eyes.'


Excerpt from 'The Leonardo Syndrome' by Lluis Bassets published in 1992 for Expo'92 

 'Humanity is singular: In earlier times in the age of discoveries, human life was dispersed and fragmented, and human groups and societies had no communication with each other. The lesson from these five centuries dominated by blood, gunpowder and gold is the history of this simple truth glimpsed more than 2000 years ago in Greece and Rome and expressed by early Christianity: that all men belong to one and the same species, to the same race, with the same simple and proud human dignity; the whole planet is a home for everyone, for which everyone is responsible.'


Mushrif-ud-Din Abdullah (Saadi) (1184 -1291) Persian poet

'A traveller without knowledge is like a bird without wings'


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