Sonntag ist Ruhetag

30th July 2003, Comments 0 comments

A reader from Ireland is moving to Germany and is looking forward to Sunday being a day of rest rather than another day of shopping.

Dear Editor,

Coming from Dublin, I can't disagree more with your article on Sunday trading. Seven-day spending sprees have long been established in that city and with it destroying any sense of weekend, of calm, of taking it easy, of winding down.

People don't visit each other on Sundays anymore, don’t go for drives in the country, or to the beach, you can’t window shop at leisure any more, it’s more now you see it now you must buy it.

From an economic point of view who actually benefits?

People only have so much to spend in the first place, so if all shops open seven days, which is the case in Dublin, no one trader has the upper hand in retail sales. People simply spend in seven days what they would have spent in six. However, the retailer has to factor in all the usual costs that go with a day’s trading.

I personally would rather wait in a line of traffic heading for the beach than one outside a shopping mall, something that can be seen on any given Sunday in Ireland.

I hope to be moving to Germany soon and one of the things I am looking forward to is quiet Sunday afternoons, long may they last.

Michael McCaughey

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