Racist attacks follow German victory

26th June 2008, Comments 6 comments

Police have released details of a number of racist actions against Turkish people during and after Germany's Euro 2008 match against Turkey

Berlin -- A group of youths attacked three Turkish fast-food cafes in the eastern German city of Dresden, injuring two Turkish workers, following Germany's victory over Turkey in the semi-finals of the Euro 2008 football competition.

Police reported that a group of 20 to 30 people had also set a Turkish flag alight late Wednesday in the city, the capital of the eastern state of Saxony, while others watched without intervening.

In Chemnitz, another city in the state, police reported a tense atmosphere with special units intervening to prevent outbreaks of violence.

Six officers were hurt, and several police vehicles were damaged, they said.

In Hanover in the west, police said they detained 20 right-wing radicals after they had shouted racist slogans.

Elsewhere, street parties went off without incident with Germans and members of Germany's 2.2-million Turkish community watching the game alongside each other on large outdoor screens.

But two brief breakdowns in television reception from the Swiss city of Basle, where the game was played, contributed to the heightened tension elsewhere.

Since the collapse of communism, the former communist states of eastern Germany have gained a reputation for right-wing and racially motivated violence. DPA

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  • sam adams posted:

    on 24th January 2009, 18:49:16 - Reply

    john doe , man ı have seen some stupid people in this world but ı have never seen anything like you. lets say some turkish people are acting right wing or whatever, does that mean that every german has be a fu---ing NATZi ? ı dont thinks so. instead of admiting what happen to jews or other groups in germany , you guys are blaming the victims. ı guess countries in europe should take action and stop racism in germany instead of kissing germany's ass.
  • John corning posted:

    on 17th July 2008, 15:52:45 - Reply

    This is really sad. I am African American and lived in Germany 9 years. I must say that I see many racist actions against Turks! Instead of taking responsibility that it happened; people say things like " well the Turks are not racist?" What the hell! Germany is responsible for the killing of 8 million jews. Thats more people killed that the Turks killed in their history! you are in the European union too Germany? lol If the Turks were not Muslim it would be a totally different ball game.
  • Norbert G posted:

    on 28th June 2008, 13:16:49 - Reply

    "the former communist states of eastern Germany have gained a reputation for right-wing and racially motivated violence"

    Pure fiction. Compared to what? To West Germany, which compared to most countries in the world is nearly free of violence, racially motivated or not?

  • doh posted:

    on 28th June 2008, 13:12:08 - Reply

    Finally Expatica is back to bring at least two news items per day that have "Nazi" or "Holocaust" in them. GERMANS ARE NAZIS after all. At least that is the message Expatica is trying to bring across

    In this particular article: yes. so there was some violence by German soccer fans. Was there NO violence committed by Turkish fans? ????????? What is the point of this article? Merely to scare readers into the same old GERMANS ARE NAZIS point? This kind of reporting is reminiscent of a particular era in German history. Do you see the irony?
  • Albrecht posted:

    on 27th June 2008, 14:44:36 - Reply

    most of the frustrations were likely in response to the satellite problems and over-indulgence in alcohol. I also suspect instigation by Turkish supporters who are well known to enjoy hooliganism, crime, and carry knives.

    I wouldn't put it past organised Turkish immigrant groups trying to get "attacked" and provoking "attacks" so they can cry "racism"
  • john doe posted:

    on 26th June 2008, 12:16:53 - Reply

    And the Turks aren't racist and right wing?