Passion Play: record 2,500 performers

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A record 2,500 performers and backstage helpers will re-enact Jesus Christ's crucifixion at the Oberammergau Passion Play in 2010 in Germany, the director said.

11 December 2007

Oberammergau, Germany (dpa) - Tourists from round the globe attend the performance once a decade by Bavarian townsfolk. Oberammergau, then a hill village, vowed in 1633 to perform the 10-yearly play if it was spared the bubonic plague. It was.

While the direction today is professional, the cast and crew of one of the world's most famous displays of Christian faith are all amateurs.

The village has grown into a small town.

"Every Oberammergau resident has a right to take part. I have to find jobs for all comers," said the director, Christian Stueckl. The 2000 performance in the open-air theatre involved 2,200 locals.

Sales of half a million tickets for the 102 performances are to begin in a few weeks. The season will run from May 15 to October 3, 2010.

Stueckl, 46, is employing the same professional team of writers and designers as in 2000. The cast will not be announced till 2009, when village men grow beards to fit the parts and rehearsals begin.

The next production will start later in the day than traditionally and last well into the night.


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