New Swiss law to allow easy return of illegal cash

9th December 2008, Comments 0 comments

The Swiss government’s new law will allow make it easier for countries to retrive slashed stolen money of deposed dictators.

Bern – The Swiss government says it is drafting a new law that will make it easier to return money stolen by deposed dictators and stashed away in Swiss banks.

The Foreign Ministry says the law would allow countries to retrieve so-called potentate money from Swiss accounts even if they are unable to conduct legal proceedings against a former dictator.

The failure of some countries to prove that funds in Switzerland were of criminal origin has been an obstacle for their return.

The Foreign Ministry said Friday the new law will reverse the burden of proof so that under certain conditions it is up to account holders to prove the funds are of legal origin if they want to prevent them being returned to their government.

[AP/ Expatica]

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