Merkel says burning of Koran 'abhorrent'

8th September 2010, Comments 0 comments

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday that planned burnings of the Koran by a pastor in the United States were "abhorrent" and "simply wrong."

"If a fundamentalist, envangelical pastor in America wants to burn the Koran on September 11, then I find this simply disrespectful, even abhorrent and simply wrong," Merkel said in a speech in Potsdam near Berlin.

"Europe... is a place where freedom of belief, of religion, where respect for beliefs and religions, are valuable commodities," Merkel said at an event honouring a Danish cartoonist whose 2005 drawing of the Prophet Mohammed offended many Muslims and sparked protests around the world.

Pastor Terry Jones's Dove World Outreach Center in Florida has vowed to mark Saturday's ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks by burning Korans as they remember almost 3,000 people killed by Al-Qaeda hijackers.

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