Jewish body to sue YouTube over video mocking late leader

21st March 2008, Comments 2 comments

A video clip showed a late president of the Central Council, Paul Spiegel, being burned alive.

Hamburg -- Germany's national Jewish body said Thursday it has filed suit against YouTube and its parent company Google, demanding a court order for the site to be permanently purged of anti-Semitic videos.

Stephan Kramer, secretary general of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said in Hamburg, "we charge Google with aiding and abetting racial hatred and discrimination on its YouTube video- platform subsidiary.

"We applied this week for an injunction from a court in Hamburg."

He said one example was a video clip that showed a late president of the Central Council, Paul Spiegel, being burned alive. He charged that it had been available for download for months on end.

YouTube allows users to flag videos as inappropriate, leading to a review by YouTube editors who can delete videos that breach the platform's terms of use.

DPA with Expatica

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  • fritzm posted:

    on 22nd March 2008, 15:01:29 - Reply

    People put the notion of communism and dictators together, but forget that on of the most famous (Hitler) came to power DEMOCRATICALLY.
    But more to the point does Anti-Semitism = Anti-Israeli. I wish this artical was more content specific. Speach that is often denounces anti-Israeli atrocities, is silenced by the lable of anti-semitism.
  • albrecht posted:

    on 21st March 2008, 04:53:51 - Reply

    China, Burma, N.Korea censors the internet, or at least attempts to do so. They also censor speech and assembly and freedom of conscience. Why don't these countries complaining enact similiar laws(or those groups complaining pressure those countries to enact similiar laws)? It seem bizarre to resort to the civil code and desire for damages (money) if there was a violation of law. Germany, Austria, etc should just borrow the internet/assembly/speech censorship schemes of China, Burma, N.Korea and censor YouTube and any other site that might allow user-inputted content that might be offensive to any party. But to make other countries with a freedom to speak, regardless of how offensive or inaccurate, ban internet sites, or, to make private companies providing people (instead of governments and big media) to produce news, opinion, commentary, humour, or speech to ban their posters is absurd. Of course, it will probably happen much like the laws Hitler, Stalin, and others passed.....