Italian comedian's appeal to the Germans: invade us!

13th February 2008, Comments 0 comments

He describes the Germans as 'our last hope'.

Hamburg -- An Italian stand-up comic called Wednesday on Germany to invade his troubled country, wryly describing the Germans as "our last hope."

In ironic remarks to the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, Beppe Grillo said, "Italy is appealing to the fraternal Germans: "please declare war on us! We'll be happy to surrender. You're our last hope."

"We are already sending you garbage day by day from Campania (the Naples region). Please take away our politicians too. We'll pay you well to do so."

Die Zeit had asked Grillo to explain the collapse of the center-left government last month and the resignation of Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

Grillo does live-audience shows in big Italian venues and is no longer permitted to perform on Italian TV. He has regularly made fun of Italy's political chaos and scandals.

Grillo reserved especially scathing remarks for opposition leader and former premier Silvio Berlusconi, who is seeking a comeback in the April general election.

The comedian noted Berlusconi's ownership of three major television channels and of Italy's biggest publishing group, Mondadori, and compared this to the lack of private assets of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"If Merkel had three channels and 40 newspapers and magazines, she would not need to form a grand coalition," he said. "She would just get 80 percent of the votes at every election. Why don't you suggest this to Merkel?"

In real life, German invasions of Italy have taken place since Roman times. The most recent was when Nazi German forces took over Italy in September 1943 after the Rome government had made peace with the Allies.

Commercial incinerator operators in Germany have contracted to dispose of some of Naples' surplus garbage.

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