Italian TV accused of censoring gay marriage episode

8th September 2011, Comments 0 comments

Italy's state broadcaster Rai Uno was accused Thursday of censoring a German television series in which two men get married in a Catholic convent.

The channel's director Mauro Mazza justified the decision not to air the marriage episode of "Cyclone in the Convent", explaining that "the series is too long, we had to pull out one episode."

The episode in question "Romeo and Romeo", which was due to be aired on Wednesday morning, showed a gay wedding ceremony taking place in front of a Catholic altar.

Mazza argued that had the marriage been shown in a town hall there would have been no problem.

The German production company NDF complained about the decision saying, in comments carried by the La Repubblica daily, that the decision was over the top, adding that "perhaps they haven't watched the episode properly".

Opposition deputy Paola Concia, who has herself taken part in a same-sex marriage, called on Rai Uno to show the episode.

"It is clear, with this act, that the Rai management wants to censure the truth," she said.

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