Heir to Libya's ex-monarchy 'ready to serve': report

24th August 2011, Comments 0 comments

The heir to the throne of Libya's exiled royal family said he was "ready to serve" his country in an interview to be published on Thursday.

"It's the people who must decide," Mohammed al-Senussi, crown prince of Libya's deposed monarchy, told the German weekly Die Zeit.

"We now need to lay the foundations for a democratic state," said Senussi, 49. "Seeing the freedom flag flying over Tripoli makes me incredibly happy and proud of my people."

Senussi is the great nephew of King Idriss who was overthrown by Kadhafi in 1969.

He succeeded his father, the crown prince Hassan al-Senussi, in 1992.

Senussi said he had taken part in discussions with officials in France over the last few days and had met the French and British ambassadors to Tripoli. He said he had also received several invitations from Libya.

There is no danger of Libya being ungovernable, he added.

"Libya is not Afghanistan or Iraq or Yemen. The clan system is completely different. The clans don't want power, they want a decent life. Libyans are not radical Muslims," he said.

The royal family initially stayed in Libya during Kadhafi's rule but went into exile in 1986. Since then Senussi has lived in the United States, Britain and France.

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