Germany sees Obama speech as "positive signal"

25th July 2008, Comments 2 comments

Following US presidential hopeful Barack Obama's Berlin address, the German government has said that the event bodes well for European-American relations

Berlin -- The German government sees the Berlin speech by US Senator Barack Obama as "a positive signal to Europe," an official spokesman said Friday.

The call by the Democratic Party presidential hopeful for close international cooperation in dealing with global challenges was in line with the views of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her broad coalition government, Ulrich Wilhelm said.

Spokesmen for the main political parties in the coalition also welcomed the speech, made to an enthusiastic open-air audience of some 200,000 in central Berlin Thursday evening.

Eckart von Klaeden, foreign policy spokesman for Merkel's conservative Christian CDU/CSU parliamentary caucus, said the speech had been in the best tradition of US foreign policy.

Speaking to German media, Von Klaeden said the speech could as well have been made by Obama's rival for the US presidency, Republican Senator John McCain.

Gert Weisskirchen, Social Democrat (SPD) foreign policy spokesman, told the online edition of Der Spiegel news magazine: "It was the speech of a man of the world that was directed not only at Germans and Europeans, but also at Americans."

The most important message in the speech was that the US and Europe could resolve global problems only in cooperation, Weisskirchen said.

Horst Teltschik, who has for the past 10 years headed the Munich Conference on Security Policy, said Obama had raised outstanding issues that Germany and Europe had to respond to, for example the German contribution to the NATO effort in Afghanistan.

In his speech, the Illinois senator made a widely anticipated call for a larger German contribution, although in muted form.

"The Afghan people need our troops and your troops," he said, touching on an issue that has divided Germany.

The German troop contribution to Afghanistan, currently at 3,500 and set to rise to 4,500, has broad backing from the political parties, on condition that it is confined to the relatively peaceful north.

But it is unpopular among the German populace, who fear it could increase the risk of terrorist attack.


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  • Edward J Joos III posted:

    on 29th July 2008, 03:47:27 - Reply

    The people of Germany are suckers for punishment. Baby Barrack Obama is a lying dirt ball.
  • emmitt posted:

    on 29th July 2008, 00:46:21 - Reply

    Such a speech could never have been made by a warmonger like Mr. McCain. He lacks for such charisma, and his ideas about foreign policy arrive on gunboats and jet bombers. Surely Mr. von Klaeden is joking. Or, he is BADLY mis-informed about his american counterparts.