Germany seeking 'concrete action' from Iran on nuclear

1st January 2012, Comments 1 comment

Germany called Sunday for "concrete and verifiable" action from Iran over its nuclear drive, after Tehran signalled it was willing to resume negotiations with the international community.

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said Germany "noted with interest" comments by Iranian officials opening the door to renewed talks but added: "What counts is not vague pronouncements but concrete and verifiable acts".

Iran's top negotiator Saeed Jalili said in comments reported on Saturday that Tehran was ready to rejoin EU-led talks with major powers to allay Western concerns over its nuclear activities.

"It is in Iran's best interests to finally fulfill its international commitments and to be transparent about its nuclear programme," said Westerwelle. "This is the only way new sanctions can be avoided."

Iran is subject to four rounds of UN sanctions over its nuclear programme, which many Western governments fear is cover for a drive for a weapons capability, an ambition Tehran denies.

US President Barack Obama on Saturday signed a law tightening sanctions against Tehran, and just hours later Iran said it tested a new medium-range missile during war games near a vital Gulf oil transit channel, further raising regional tensions.

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  • Ken posted:

    on 2nd January 2012, 15:28:33 - Reply

    This would tend to conflict with what we are hearing on American TV, and in Newspapers. That Iran has just gone a step further in announcing that they are one step closer to possessing a nuclear weapon. While the US is proposing that we strike Iran before they can do this, Europe seems to be heading toward "appeasement". Are we being give false information here in the US?