Germany optimistic on Iraqi contracts

21st January 2004, Comments 0 comments

21 January 2004 ,

21 January 2004

AMMAN - The German business community remains hopeful of getting Iraqi reconstruction contracts, despite Germany's failure to take part in the US-led war that ejected Saddam Hussein from power, a leading German businessman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur, dpa Wednesday.

"I am not so pessimistic because, thanks to the sophisticated German technology, we stand a good chance of returning to the Iraqi market," said Peter F. Mayr, leader of the German delegation to the Jordanian-German-Iraqi Business Forum which opened in Amman Wednesday.

He acknowledged that the US had "a normal and legal right" to award major contracts to US firms, "but German companies can take part in the reconstruction process as subcontractors", he said.

"The Iraqis have told us that they appreciate involvement of German technology. We also have German business still going on in Iraq," Mayr said.

The two-day meeting, grouping representatives from about 200 companies from Germany, Jordan and Iraq, was opened by Khaloun Abu Hassan, chairman of the Amman-based Jordanian German Business Council (JGBC), who assured German firms they could depend on Jordan as "the gateway for doing business in Iraq".

"Jordan is the gateway to Iraq, where Jordan has the strongest linkage, and we are ready to cooperate with you in joint enterprises to serve the Iraqi economy in the reconstruction period," he said.

"The Jordanian-Iraqi business ties are marked with mutual trust and distinguished cooperation, and efforts are made by the Jordanian government and by the private sector to restore the previous momentum of business relations between the two countries," he added.

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