Germany jails PKK man for 33 months for terrorism

23rd January 2008, Comments 0 comments

A German court sentences a former official of the outlawed PKK Kurdish separatist movement to 33 months in prison on charges of being a member of a terrorist group.

23rd January 2008

Berlin (dpa) - Known by the nom de guerre "Kadir," the 58-year-old theatrical director turned himself in last year and admitted to the Berlin court that he secretly ran the PKK's Bavarian chapter from April 1994 to February 1995.

Germany declared the PKK a terrorist organization because of its violent attacks on Turkish government offices as well as defectors from its own ranks during the 1990s.

The intellectual is an ethnic Turk and not Kurdish. He had been jailed in Turkey in 1975 for producing a critical play, associated with Turkish leftists in exile and threw in his lot with the PKK, judge Josef Hoch said Wednesday.

Hoch said PKK firebombings in Germany between 1993 and 1996 had been intended to terrorize the public at large and force Germany to adopt an anti-Ankara stance. One person was killed and much property was damaged.

The ruling said it was not proven "Kadir" planted bombs, but he was responsible for acts by the group.

The defendant was released on bail, with a later date set for the start of his jail term, allowing him to appeal.




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