Germans detect radioactivity in exported Naples garbage

6th June 2008, Comments 0 comments

Refuse from Naples received at a site in Hamburg has been found to be radioactive

Hamburg -- Staff at a German incinerator that is burning rotting Italian garbage from Naples have detected radioactivity in one of the containers, city of Hamburg environment officials said on Thursday.

A radiation protection company has been called in to carefully unpack the container and discover what is giving off the low level radiation, which was equivalent to the cosmic radiation experienced in an aircraft 10 kilometres above the ground.

It was the second time a Geiger counter had detected radioactivity in a container of Naples garbage during routine checks. In the first instance a few days ago, the radioactivity level was below the legal limit and the refuse was burned.

The environmental officials said the radiation in both containers was too weak to be a danger to incinerator staff.

The site, in the Hamburg district of Billbrook, began receiving up to four trainloads of garbage a week in May under a contract to dispose of a total 30,000 tons of household refuse from the Campania region, where Naples is the main city.

Organised crime and corruption have been blamed for Campania's failure to open new tips and incinerators.

German incinerator companies, which operate under tight anti-pollution rules, have told Rome they can handle 160,000 tons of the Campania rubbish.

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