Germans believe in 'life-altering' sex

16th November 2004, Comments 0 comments

Germans believe in 'life-altering' sex with a stranger

Germans believe in 'life-altering' sex with a stranger

16 November 2004

MUNICH - Most Germans believe that a chance sexual encounter with a stranger can change their lives - and in many cases has done so, according to a new survey published on Tuesday.

Half of all men and women in the study, and a whopping 66 percent of those under age 34, said "life-altering sex" is a key element in their personal belief systems.

Many say they believe it could happen to them. And 15 percent admit that their own lives have in fact been changed by a single sexual fling.

Most said it had changed their lives for the better, though others said it had ultimately ruined things, according to the survey by the Ipsos Institute published in the German edition of Elle magazine.

Respondents said that, while the encounter itself had seemed to have occurred by coincidence at the time, they later realised in retrospect that they had been ready for it to happen.

"When people have an eye-opening experience they see what possibilities there are in life and realise what is missing from their own lives," German sexologist Professor Werner Habermehl explained.

"That can cause a person to question the values and habits of a lifetime and to come to the realisation that one has been living in a rut for years," he said. "They can decide to alter their lives to affirm their emotional and physical needs more fully."

But the survey of 1,000 Germans over age 14 also showed that there were limits to such "life-altering" sexual encounters.

Over half said a night of love-making ought not to be enough to make people abandon their spouses and families the next morning. Such people are incapable of truly loving anybody.


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