German university bans 'neo-Nazi' clothing

10th September 2010, Comments 4 comments

A university in northeast Germany on Friday banned students and professors from wearing clothing associated with neo-Nazis.

The university of Greifswald, on the Baltic sea, published the new rule as the new academic year began.

The rule bans "the wearing of anything conveying distinct connotations of racism, anti-foreigner sentiments, glorification of violence, or contrary to the constitution or despising others," a university spokesman said.

The ban came after a right-wing professor last term wore clothing of the Thor Steinar brand, a favourite of far-right extremists due to its logos resembling Nazi emblems.

Nazi emblems, as well as the Hitler salute, are banned in public in Germany.

Wearing Thor Steinar clothes is already banned in Germany's federal parliament, in several regional legislatures, as well as the football stadium of the Hansa Rostock team, also located in the country's northeast.

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4 Comments To This Article

  • John Parsons posted:

    on 28th September 2010, 15:27:29 - Reply

    Correction "discrimination"
  • John Parsons posted:

    on 28th September 2010, 15:09:02 - Reply

    As long as you are not physically hurting someone else you should be able to believe what you want to believe in without other people discriminating you. People should not feel afraid to express what they believe in because of some conservative discriminating intolerant redneck from the outback who has unfortunatly gotten into some dictator position to place discriminating laws on people. This is not some intolerant islamic country. If anything should be banned it should be discriminatian.
  • Aga posted:

    on 15th September 2010, 17:13:09 - Reply

    totally agree with Colorado. It is unfair that other stuff like communism*Stalin killed millions of ppl) is not forbidden! all this laws are stupid and unfair!
  • Colorado posted:

    on 12th September 2010, 03:04:06 - Reply

    And what about communist related clothing? I wouldn't doubt that's still allowed there.