German officials dig up neo-Nazi grave to remove swastika flag

31st July 2008, Comments 2 comments

Neo-Nazi's grave dug up after swastika flag is thrown onto it during funeral

Passau -- German officials said on Wednesday they had dug up a neo-Nazi's grave to remove a swastika flag which was draped over the coffin.

The Nazi-style burial of Friedhelm Busse on Saturday at Passau, south-eastern Germany ended in violence at the cemetery and a mid-town rampage where neo-Nazis punched a Mongolian woman in the face.

Police detained a right-winger after he slipped the swastika flag out from under his jacket and placed it at the last moment on the casket of Busse, last leader of the Free German Labour Party which was outlawed in 1995.

The display of swastikas and advocating Nazi doctrines are crimes in Germany.

Passau senior prosecutor Helmut Walch said the soil was pulled away and the flag was recovered by police on Monday.

"It is a so-called War Flag of the Reich in the 1935-1945 design with a big swastika in the middle of it," said Walch.

Reporters said the flag was cast on the grave by Thomas Wulff, an activist in the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD). If he were convicted of displaying an "unconstitutional symbol," he could face a fine or up to three years in jail.

Walch said an inquiry was continuing into the violence by 90 admirers of Busse against anti-Nazi groups who were observing them at the Passau cemetery and against police who intervened. Police detained a total of 11 far rightists on the day.

A journalist, 35, reporting for the "Network against Nazis" group was knocked to the ground and kicked and a woman , 18, assaulted.

The Mongolian woman was later attacked in the Passau downtown area, apparently because of her appearance. Germany's national council of Jews was among groups which voiced outrage that the racists had been able to terrorise law-abiding people.


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  • john youde posted:

    on 26th August 2008, 21:55:43 - Reply

    Your right. A dead person should be allowed to have any flag he or she wants draped over their coffin. After they're buried it's not on public display so who cares? This is a free country isn't it? Or is it? Hmmm
  • Al posted:

    on 1st August 2008, 16:12:08 - Reply

    What an amazing waste of public funds and resources. How is a Nazi flag buried underground in a coffin is breaking the law which, according to the article, bans "public display". How can you see a flag that is 2 metres under the ground? So how is this illegal? Also have all "fascist" symbols been removed from soldier's gravestones, public buildings, old books, vintage film reels, museums, etc? And why are Muslims allowed to have radical writings, posters, and flags and do Islamic ceremonies when often deny the holocaust and hate Jews also? Seems to be public funds could be better spend providing infrastructure, jobs, and education then going after a small minority of Germans who still harbor fascist feelings.