German 'millionaire' shoots dead 16-year-old burglar

14th December 2010, Comments 1 comment

A 77-year-old German man identified in press reports as a millionaire shot dead a 16-year-old youth after he and a masked gang of four others broke into the man's villa, police said on Tuesday.

The man, named by the Bild daily as industrialist Ernst B., was checking on his dog in his garden in Sittensen near Hamburg in northern Germany late on Monday when the gang approached him and allegedly forced him into his house.

Once inside, the five demanded money, stole the pensioner's wallet and tried to open a safe on an upper floor, setting off an alarm in the process, police charged.

The man, a keen hunter and gun owner, managed to grab a pistol and shoot one of the gang. The 16-year-old, who was known to the police and was of Albanian origin, died on the house's terrace as the others fled, police said.

It was unclear whether the 77-year-old would face legal action. Authorities said the other members of the gang escaped despite a major police operation including sniffer dogs and a helicopter.

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  • kuba posted:

    on 19th June 2011, 18:09:41 - Reply

    you know im german and im poor perhaps i am a burglar but if i was in your house you rich fuck who doesnt have to work for nothing with a silver spoon in your mouth i would have shot you first than burglarized your house.. fuking prick