German kangaroo's bid for freedom comes to messy end

8th February 2011, Comments 0 comments

A kangaroo's escape bid ended in tragedy when it hopped away from its owner into the path of an oncoming car, German police said Tuesday, causing costly damage to the car and a messy end for the marsupial.

The 49-year-old owner had kept the kangaroo for many years as a house pet and had never before encountered any problems, said police in Oberfranken, southern Germany.

"However, at the weekend, the kangaroo got a taste for freedom and jumped out. Despite several attempts, the owner was not able to recapture his pet," police said.

The animal apparently took an extended journey around the surrounding area, because it did not meet its unfortunate fate until Monday evening, authorities said.

The 30-year-old driver who collided with the beast was treated for shock. The accident caused an estimated 1,000 euros (1,360 dollars) of damage to his vehicle.

"The owner, who lived a mere 200 metres (yards) from the site of the collision, had the unfortunate task of dealing with 'his dead sweetheart'," the police announced sadly.

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