German boy told to clean up calls cops over 'forced labour'

15th August 2011, Comments 5 comments

When a German boy phoned to complain he was being made to do "forced labour", police were alarmed. But it turned out the 11-year-old had only been asked by his mother to help clean up at home.

The boy from the western city of Aachen phoned on Monday to make his complaint, adding that his mother "made him work all day", police said.

"I have to work all day long. I haven't any free time," the boy told authorities over the phone.

His mother, who was not identified, later told police her son had been complaining over the holidays of having to help around the house, and had repeatedly threatened to call the police over such "forced labour".

When she asked him to pick up paper on the floor, he dialed the 110 police emergency number.

"He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he's done, he calls it forced labour," police quoted his mother as saying.

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  • Barbara posted:

    on 18th August 2011, 13:10:30 - Reply

    OMG.....I so agree with Tboz and ISA. Having lived in Germany for now 20 years, I have seen so many children do NOTHING as far as chores are concerned at home. 'They are children', is the comment I hear from parents. Therefore, children do not often offer to help. to carry things for others, to give their seats to the elderly in the trams, etc. When carrying things to the classroom, I always have to ask a student to help me, but not one of them simply asks, 'Can I help you?" I have NEVER met one family here where the children had chores, and in turn............were also not helpful unless specifically asked or told to do something (and then often with the phrase, MUSS ICH?)
  • tboz posted:

    on 17th August 2011, 15:32:33 - Reply

    gavilan - Where the hell are you from?? Wow. What a total chauvinist you are. Hmmm....I bet that mother works at least part time to support that 11 year old kid, and the solution to you is what?? She works, takes care of an entire household without any assistance while her money also supports the family. Worst case scenario, she works her butt off all day at HOME to take care of her family and just expects that her kids actually contribute to the household and learns to actually take care of himself. Working at home is 24/7, round the clock. It's so interesting these old, dinosaur cultures that expect women to be a full-time servant of the home, husbands and sons IN ADDITION to working full-time and contributing everything yet again, to the household. Kids, specifically BOYS, need to be raised to contribute. Too many are launched out into the world, not having a clue how to take care of themselves or anyone else. And you know what?? It's not a favor to them, either. Their lives in these times will be plagued with relationship issues if, god forbid, they actually meet and marry a woman with half a bran and a career path. Men like you need to crawl back into their caves.
  • ISA posted:

    on 17th August 2011, 14:15:34 - Reply

    Typical in this land of no reprisals for bad conduct, no resonsibility and pandering to children, young thugs and hooligans. Finally a mother who say do your share and the brat calls the police. I surely hope the police seriously took the brat to task over a false alarm and false accusations, A few hours around the jailhouse and community chores plus a stern lecture with follow up coould help in this land of spineless justice.
  • gavilan posted:

    on 17th August 2011, 13:42:16 - Reply

    why didn't she put a dress and girl's shoes on him while she was at it.she wants to turn him into a girl.she should have never got prego in the first place.the boy did the right thing.alles is richtig.
  • Gabriel posted:

    on 15th August 2011, 19:13:11 - Reply

    I am surprised the mother was not arrested and thrown in jail, knowing the direction Germany is going with regard to parental rights!