'German History Isn't Beautiful': Dresden Museum Seeks to Tell Truth about War

12th July 2011, Comments 1 comment

A revolutionary German military museum, designed by the star architect Daniel Libeskind,will soon open in Dresden. Although set up bythe German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, its curators hope the museum will cast new light on war and the suffering it causes. As such, it is a very German project.

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  • Kenneth Ingle posted:

    on 14th July 2011, 23:21:44 - Reply

    Is Dresden the right place for the truth, as far as WW2 is concerned?
    It is not so long ago, probably due to the post-war Communist influence, that the council of the town chose to ignore eyewitness reports which clearly state, "the counting of victims, who died due during air-raids on the town, was stopped after the number reached 200.000."
    Other estimates - in entirely politically neutral publications - relate to the total number of bodies being between ( 220.000 and 240.000).
    Despite all this evidence, a posteriorl commission was set up to reduce this number. Currently TV moderators and politicians, speak only of 20.000. Such manipulations are of course not unusual, in the portrayal of European history. They also occur quite frequently in present-day politics, but are hardly appropriate for a Museum claiming to acknowledge the truth.