Former Nazi slaves receive payouts

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19 March 2004 ,


19 March 2004


BERLIN - More than 1.5 million former Nazi slave labourers have so far received compensation from a public-private German indemnity fund, the foundation in charge of payments said.

A total of EUR 2.74 billion has been paid to 1.516 million now elderly former slave and forced labourers in numerous countries, said a statement.

The payments are symbolic and range from about EUR 2,500 to EUR 7,700.

The foundation said it believes there are a total of 1.7 million surviving eligible recipients worldwide and that it expects to make the final payments in 2005.

Those who have received payments include: 447,000 Poles; 470,000 Ukrainians; 189,000 Russians and 75,000 Czechs. In addition, funds for 138,000 recipients were paid to the Jewish Claims Conference and 74,000 claims were paid via the International Organisation for Migration.

More than 7 percent of the payments went to the heirs of people who died while waiting for their claims to be processed.

The Nazi slave compensation fund was set up in 2001 with DM 10 billion - half from the German government and half from German industry.

Remaining money from the fund is going to people who were victims of Nazi medical experiments, who who lost property or whose life insurance policies which were never paid out, said the statement.

In addition, some 120 projects such as youth exchanges are being funded at schools in Europe, Israel and United States.


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