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Gangway.net: Berlin Special 
A special issue of gangway.net, a literary magazine from Austria and Australia, featuring writings about Berlin, twenty years since the wall fall, is up online now. Featuring Berlin-based poets Alistair Noon and Audrey Mei, as well poets and artists from around the world. Have a look at www.gangway.net <http://www.gangway.net
Berlin-based poet Catherine Hales has new work online at: http://shadowtrain.com/id354.html 
Translations of poems by Norbert Hummelt from the forthcoming book berlin fresco. Selected Poems by Norbert Hummelt translated with an Introduction by Catherine Hales' (Shearsman 2010) 
New work online by Berlin poet Alistair Noon 
Translation of Osip Mandelstam's 'Armenia' sequence: 

New Creative Writing Course, Looking for a central venue: 

Hallo, I am looking for a more central venue (in comparison to Friedrichshagen) for my creative writing courses. I'm looking for somewhere warm, with a table and chairs (if possible). It has to be affordable and should be easy to get to on public transport.... For around 10 people, 3-4 evenings a week. 
Any ideas? 
jesta.phoenix@berlin.de // www.berlin-muse.de  


The Four Line Blog -- "re-expatriate" James Harris has returned to Berlin and brings with him a new poetry blog: http://thefourlineblog.wordpress.com 
The Lab at the English Theatre Berlin is looking for Playwrights! 
Have you written a play? Would you like to? The Lab at the English Theatre Berlin is a program dedicated to helping playwrights of all levels develop their work. If you're interested in writing for the stage in English, our aim is to support you. Contact us at etb.lab@googlemail.com for more information about what we do, or see our website http://www.etberlin.de

Join the East of Eden bookshop newsletter list, and get to hear about some of their great events (concerts, readings) -- they send out the emails just before each event, so it's difficult to list them here... so, very much worth signing up! (Schreinerstrasse, Friedrichshain) 
Send them an email at: eastofeverywhere@web.de

Sign up for the newsletter from Another Country Bookshop and Club: another.country.books@gmail.com and hear about their club evenings...(Riemannstrasse, Kreuzberg) 


+++ writers wanted! +++ midnight poetry is looking for fresh talents +++ 
if you are into poetry, song texts, writing a novel or short stories and  
wish to present your work to an interested crowd - midnight poetry is 
the right place for you to be! please send your application to kat via 
mail (kat@midnight-poetry.net). you will find more details about our  
concept on the website www.midnight-poetry.net  
we do look forward to your art & to having you here! 

Poetry Wanted: 
"Ahoy shit talkers, prosodic parasites and literary wastemen! 
I am looking to start a new poetry reading night for people interested in experimental poetics, against the inverted bourgeois idealism of the role of the poet as "artist" (or should that be artiste?), for people who are aware of the problems of voice, expression and are against the indulgence of lyric. Or who, are inflating the lyric into its own gross consumption. I don't have a name for it yet, or a venue or a date, but I want to deal with the more important aspect first: the poetry. Email me your poetry and thoughts to edvard.lvker@googlemail.com


Inter-actions to the exhibition: Reading Room for the poem The Glass Essay by Anne Carson 
Nicola Caroli offers two writing workshops 
I // 08.11.09 3pm (ca. 2 hours) 
Taking details from a favourite author's work and life and drawing parallels to one's own life. Bring information about a favourite author of yours (texts, biography, fotos etc) 
II //15.11.09 3pm (ca. 2 hours) 
Exploring the dynamics of the word "Eros" - designating both "lack" and "want" (from Eros the Bittersweet, Dalkey Archive Press) which is a central theme of The Glass Essay. 
The workshops are in English (or German) 
No previous experience required 
Nicola Caroli is poetry mediator. Her two studies - acting training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Poetry first came together in 1998 with a staging of a poetry performance. She's been creating spaces for poetry ever since, mainly in the form of performance until 2008 under the name of /emerging properties/. Since 2009 she co-organises the poetry festival Printemps des Poetes, Berlin and is artistic director of wortwedding - space for poetry projects. She also mediates poetry at schools. 


Mike Haeflinger: 

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