Deutsche Post accidentally issues Nazi stamps

22nd May 2008, Comments 1 comment

The Deutsche Post company has accidentally issued stamps depicting Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess

Bonn -- German mail carrier Deutsche Post, which offers customized postage stamps as an unusual gift, admitted on Wednesday that it had been tricked into issuing 20 Nazi stamps.

The stamps depicted Rudolf Hess, the deputy to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Hess, who committed suicide in Berlin in 1987 while serving a life sentence for war crimes and is venerated by neo-nazis.

Post launched the novel service, Plusbrief Individuell, in February. Clients pay online to upload a digital photograph of a loved one or of a commercial product. A week later, they receive printed, post-paid envelopes showing the same picture.

Neo-Nazis apparently exploited the opportunity and Post staff did not notice.

"It was a slip-up. We are very sorry about it," said Post spokesman Dirk Klasen at the company's offices in Bonn.

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  • doh posted:

    on 22nd May 2008, 15:23:16 - Reply

    Yes. It has nearly been a few days without "Nazi" in the headlines here. Bring on more Nazi news please.