A Land Without Children: Why Won't Germans Have More Babies?

12th August 2011, Comments 1 comment

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has pumped billions into Germans' pockets to encourage them to make more babies -- but they still aren't doing it. Is it even a problem that the government is capable of solving?

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  • Nils Holgerson posted:

    on 13th August 2011, 00:40:53 - Reply

    When I was to Germany two years ago I met a german doctor who surprised me by saying: there are TOO MANY germans in Germany. I thought that was a weird thing to say, but when I stopped the car in a secluded, rural place to have a rest it took only a few minutes for someone to show up or come by. You could never find any peace and quiet! Looking at Google map you find that there is really too much people. Then I went to Spain and happened to speak to a guy from Holland. Guess what he said? Holland is full.. So, Sweden is barely OK, it feels quite fine, you can find peace relatively easy if you try. But Germany has 10 times the population on the same size of land and it actually feels stressful after a while. Theres always someone around the corner whereever you are. But the germans are great and I will visit again anyway.