Why bilingual education is important for your child

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Bilingualism gives your children an advantage in a highly globalised world. Cologne's BilinGO primary school immerses kids in an English and German-speaking environment to give them that edge at a young age. [Contributed by BilinGO]

Bilingual education has become vital in this world of rapid development of technologies, globalisation, high speed Internet, and easy plane travel. No longer is a child’s future limited to the city or country where they were born. The job market is a global one, and being multilingual is an advantage that stays with a person for a lifetime. Not only does multilingualism provide an upper hand in career opportunities, it also trains the brain in a way that increases versatility, resilience and speed in all areas of cognition. This increased ability of the brain is a tool that can benefit a person in many areas of their lives. Not only regarding career and problem solving but also happiness, cross-cultural competence, empathy and communication.

Welcome to BilinGO, a bilingual primary school in the heart of Cologne, Germany. We follow the NRW curriculum, which we expand, with our bilingual immersion concept.

Educational philosophy

At BilinGO, a private elementary school, we believe that the first four years of a child’s education are most important. We make it our primary responsibility to offer children between the age of five and ten a nurturing and stimulating learning environment. This way they can experience their first years of school life with confidence. Our safe and secure learning environment also encourages curiosity and independent and critical thinking. We put great emphasis on the importance of personal responsibility.

The immersion approach

Our approach to language immersion is designed so that children quickly feel ‘at home’ with the English and German languages. A variety of instructional methods open the path to bilingualism for the children. These include:

  • Teaching teams that combine native German and native English speakers allowing for native speaker language acquisition  
  • Differentiated teaching in the classroom
  • Cooperative learning within the learning group / class
  • IT supported teaching with well-engineered courseware
  • Songs, plays and rhymes
  • Movement and games

About Cologne

Cologne is known as the friendliest city in Germany. This is one of the greatest things about the city, especially for people coming from abroad. It is easy to feel comfortable in Cologne. From the beautiful Rhine River flowing through the city center, to the multitude of unique neighborhoods (Vierteln), Cologne offers everything one might need. The city is full of great restaurants and cafes, a well-rounded shopping district, lively nightlife, museums, cultural events and of course the Kölner Dom Cathedral majestically gracing the skyline.  Cologne, also the media capital of Germany, boasts one of the largest universities in the country, as well as the renowned sports university.

About the school’s location

Located between the green forests of the Cologne Stadtwald (City Forest), and the trendy neighborhoods of Lindenthal and Ehrenfeld, BilinGO bilingual primary school is in Braunsfeld, a quickly developing area of Cologne that is attracting new housing developments and many new businesses. Centered between the historical Aachener Str. and Dürener Str. Braunsfeld has a direct light rail connection to downtown (lines 1, 7 and 9), as well as to the line 13, which practically encircles the entire city.

Why choose BilinGO?

Our international teaching team’s open-minded approach has helped create an open atmosphere where the sense of curiosity is cultivated. Among others, differentiated learning methods and hands-on work offer many opportunities to investigate new ideas and experiences by connecting and applying them. Our distinctive teaching teams are able to strengthen and engage our students individually, helping prepare them for the next step in their education and as citizens of the world.


Contributed by BilinGO
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