UN predecessor League of Nations' archives to be preserved

26th April 2010, Comments 0 comments

The archives of the League of Nations, the United Nations' precursor, are to be inscribed in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register so they may instruct future generations, the UN said Monday.

The archives of the League, which was created in the wake of World War I and existed until 1946, are held in around six kilometres (three-and-a-half miles) of tunnels under the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

"This is a hidden treasure. This is about making it into a useful and utilised treasure," UN chief librarian Pierre Le Loarer told journalists.

Inscribing the vast archives in the UN cultural organisation's World Register will allow them to be protected and preserved, Le Loarer said, after 12 tonnes of the documents were ruined when a water pipe burst in 2007.

Many of the crises faced by the League of Nations, though not always successfully, have been echoed in recent years, including the 1929 financial crisis, disarmament and human trafficking, Le Loarer said.

"The work on memory can only enrich the debate by avoiding repeating the errors of the past," he said.

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