Swiss to discuss tax evasion with US

25th February 2009, Comments 1 comment

The first cabinet meeting between Swiss and US officials since Obama’s presidency is set for early March.

BERN - Swiss officials say the country's justice minister will travel to Washington the first week in March to discuss US allegations that Switzerland's biggest bank helped Americans to evade taxes.

Justice Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf will meet US Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday to discuss the case against UBS AG.

Officials in Bern say Widmer-Schlumpf will also discuss how Switzerland can help the US close the Guantanamo Bay detention center. Switzerland said it would consider a US request to accept former inmates who cannot be sent home.

It will be the first meeting at Cabinet level between Swiss and US officials since Barack Obama became president.

Details of the meeting were released Tuesday on the Swiss government's website.

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  • albrecht posted:

    on 26th February 2009, 03:57:51 - Reply

    It is a shame that UBS, and some others in Switzerland, feel they need to bow to pressures of the USA- which thinks it runs the world- instead of adherence to the law in their own country. Switzerland should stand firm against the hegemonic influence of the USA, but also UK and EU, who want to eliminate privacy in all facets (banking, telephonic, internet, etc.) The USA, and its minions like UK and EU, seem to want a police state everywhere. Of course, it is ok for US banks to break the law or regulations--- they'll just get bailed out but when another countries' bank follows the rules in their own country they will reap the whirlwind of the US wrath. Instead the USA, and others, should reexamine their confiscatory and predatory tax policies that seem to force rational people and entities to wish to flee to friendlier jurisdictions.