Swiss far-right party's mascot goat found smeared in black

18th October 2011, Comments 0 comments

Swiss far-right party SVP said Tuesday that its mascot, a goat which was reported missing over the weekend, had been found tied to a tree and smeared with black paint.

The animal named Zottel and a fellow goat Mimu was found in the Zurich-Witikon area, said the Swiss People's Party.

"The dwarf goats were tied to a tree and painted in black," it said, adding that it was relieved that the animals could be returned to Ernst Schibli, a parliamentarian.

"It condemns the cowardly act by extremist delinquants," added the party.

Members of a group called Anti Fascist Action claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of the two goats.

Zottel has been the SVP's mascot since the 2007 elections, when the party splashed posters across Switzerland depicting three white sheep kicking a black sheep off the Swiss flag.

According to the SVP's website, "Zottel saves Switzerland" and is "against mass immigration".

For the October 23 legislative elections, the SVP has centred its campaign around the issue of immigration, which it believes is out of control.

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