Sri Lanka against UN sending probe report to rights body

12th September 2011, Comments 10 comments

Sri Lanka on Monday took issue with a planned UN move to forward a damning report on the country to the Human Rights Council, complaining that Colombo was not notified about the action.

Sri Lanka Minister of Plantation Industries Mahinda Samarasinghe claimed that at a briefing on September 9 UN human rights chief Navi Pillay "had informed a group of countries that a decision had been taken by the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General to transmit the report" to both her offices and the Human Rights Council.

"The failure on the part of the High Commissioner to inform the concerned state -- Sri Lanka -- was wholly inappropriate to say the least," the minister told the Human Rights Council.

Asked about Samarasinghe's claim, Pillay's spokesman told AFP that "the issue had come up" during the briefing.

The report by a panel of UN experts released in April detailed violations allegedly committed by both the government and Tamil Tiger rebels, "some of which would amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity".

The report had called for an international probe into the violations, and asked that the Human Rights Council be invited to reconsider the conclusions drawn during its May 2009 special session on Sri Lanka.

During that session, the council had adopted a resolution praising the outcome of the Sri Lanka civil war which saw the defeat of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The text condemned only the Tamil Tigers and "welcomes... the liberation by the government of Sri Lanka of tens of thousands of its citizens that were kept by the LTTE against their will as hostages."

As an international commission could only be set up with Sri Lanka's agreement or if ordered by an inter-governmental body, rights activists have been calling for the report to be forwarded to the Human Rights Council to take action.

Sri Lanka has slammed the report as "biased", and a minister in April said that "no one in the civilised world would accept it."

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  • Kamal posted:

    on 13th September 2011, 13:48:34 - Reply

    LTTE has killed so many Tamils than anyone else.Entire World should be grateful to Sinhalese forces
  • Kamal posted:

    on 13th September 2011, 13:47:00 - Reply

    LTTE has killed so many Tamils than anyone else.Entire World should be grateful to Sinhalese forces
  • Ananda Seneviratne, Ph.D. posted:

    on 13th September 2011, 01:47:05 - Reply

    The Darusman report already contained numerous serious errors as well as a bunch of lies and false information that directly taken from the pro-LTTE web TamilNet and other NGOs. Further, to every civilized human being's dismay, this dumbest report has mentioned that LTTE IS A WELL CIVILIZED REBEL ORGANIZATION!!!!!Who in the world going to agree with tihs except LTTE and this idiots who wrote that report? Dont you know that LTTE has killed tens of thousands of innocent people for 30 years including thousand of Tamils and Muslims, Dont they know that LTTE killed Indian and Sri Lankan leaders and politicians ???Dont they know that LTTE attacked all type of religious places for Buddhists and Muslims? Dont they know that they bombed and killed hundreds of pilgrims and temples and mosques? Dont they know that LTTE has killed, tortured and massacered surrendered Sri Lankan army and policemen and this dumb Darusman report thinks LTTE is the most civilized rebel organization?
    The memeber countries of UN should reject this report right away and not onlly that they should ask UNSG Mr.Moon and Navi Pillai to resign over the fact that ill and miinformating its memeber states.
  • baduge posted:

    on 12th September 2011, 21:55:25 - Reply

    According to Gallup polls, Sri Lankan presidents approval rating is above 90% which mean the hypocritical West is not just against the Sri Lankan government, but Sri Lankans. Their definition of democracy is what they like, not what the people of the country like. For 30 years we had bombs and destruction brought upon by terrorist who raised funds in and operated from Western soil and traveled with Western passports. Then we had the best president we've had in decades, now the West is back to bring back destruction. The West deserve nothing but destruction for themselves for shoving destruction down other nations.
  • Haris posted:

    on 12th September 2011, 20:23:12 - Reply

    Sri Lanka should be given a copy of the investigative report on the US bombing of Hiroshima
  • CL posted:

    on 12th September 2011, 18:29:21 - Reply

    A state must have reponsibility to safe guard it's citizens but SL govt and the people don't like the Tamils. SL govt wants to kill all the Tamils in Sri-Lanka. That's is the fundamental truth which will never die. That's is the whole reason the SL govt wants to stop this investigation. Good Luck!!!!

    US/NATO never killed any civilians in masses or put them in concentration camps like the SL govt did. There won't be any peace in SL until the govt recognise the Tamils and muslims in Sri-Lanka and respect other humans including the Sinhalese who are aganist the govt.
    May God Bless Sri-Lanka.
  • Eham Jeeven posted:

    on 12th September 2011, 17:10:39 - Reply

    The best idea is to have an independent investigation headed by various countries against LTTE and The Srilankan Government to establish the war crimes and Human right violation.
    This will give the justice for both parties (Tamils and Sinhalese).
    Without independent investigation to find out what happened ,there will no peace will be established in Srilanka.
  • Asanga Herath posted:

    on 12th September 2011, 15:48:10 - Reply

    Supporting a banned terrorist group is also terrorism!
  • V.Selvanathan posted:

    on 12th September 2011, 15:09:32 - Reply

    These allegations have presented by PRO-LTTE FOREIGN TAMIL DIASPORA. It is not impossible for them to do that by using their financial ability. But they are not sending money to improve the living condition of their people in SL. Instead of that they are trying to form TERRORISM in the country again to spoil the country.
    If you analyze the previous situation in Sri Lanaka you'll be able to understand who had committed war crimes by introducing SUICIDAL BOMBINGS, BUS BOMBINGS to SL. It was non other than LTTE TERRORISTS who had TERRORIZED Tamil community.
  • K.C posted:

    on 12th September 2011, 14:42:29 - Reply

    This is the hypocracy at the best.. First Sri Lanka should propose a UN body to investigate human rights violoations, and war crimes by US and NATO in the middle east. Possibly headed by an iranian clergy and members from Korea and Pakistan should be in it. Then when those countries are investigated and prsecuted, possibly sanctions are in place, Sri Lanka should be considered...

    I am sri Lanka, I am sure any probe should have minimum effects on the our country.. but the priciple rule is , justice should be equally applied. therefore, the UN should first look in to US/NATO violations that happned years before the 2009 conflict in Sri Lanka