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New Year's resolution to be Swiss

New Year’s resolution: How to become more Swiss


Alexandra Dufresne moved with her family to Zurich from the United States only six months ago – but she already knows what she needs to better integrate into Swiss culture.

New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions only expats will understand


As an expat New Year's resolutions are more about memorising foreign irregular verbs or visiting that landmark you keep putting off, rather than slimming down or saving.

Swiss Christmas

Swissworld: Celebrating Swiss Advent and Christmas


Get your Advent calendars ready! The countdown to Christmas in Switzerland is full of traditions and celebrations.

Swiss Christmas

Samichlaus and Schmutzli


Naughty or nice? American expat Alane Kataria-Rennie writes about Samichlaus (the Swiss version of St Nicolas) and his spooky sidekick Schmutzli.

English in Switzerland language

Linguistic theft: You're never far from an English word in Switzerland


It doesn't take long in German-speaking Switzerland before an eyebrow-raising English word pops up. A linguist explains why – and whether there will be a backlash.

Stuff Swiss people like


After a year in Switzerland expat blogger Amanda discovers the things Swiss people love the most – besides cows, cheese and anything Swiss-made.

Does Switzerland have a problem with outsiders?


The Swiss nation generally loves foreigners – as long as they don't infringe on Swiss culture, writes Mark Hay, who looks at the rising xenophobia spilling over into Swiss politics.

Best places to live

The best places to live in the world – for your personality?


Time to get out? Follow this guide to find the best place to live in the world for your personality and manners – the best places to live where you'd feel right at home.

Typical swiss food

The Swiss diet schedule: Typical Swiss foods – and rules on when to eat the...


Like any Swiss etiquette, the Swiss diet revolves around a schedule with its own set of social rules and typical Swiss foods depending on the time of day.

Halloween All Saints Day

The truth about Halloween you didn't know

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Have candy, costumes and commercialisation distracted us from the true meaning of Halloween? Here are some Halloween facts you should know before putting on your Halloween costume.

Swiss greetings

Swiss German Greetings 101

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Jessica Cartwright explains the complicated world of Swiss German greetings, with pronunciations and Swiss German to English explanations to tie your tongue around them.

23 signs you’re a serial expat

23 signs you’ve turned into a 'serial expat'


Several years later and you're still on the move abroad... are you addicted to expat life? If these telltale signs are true, it's time to admit you're a serial expat.

Zurich facts

11 interesting facts about Zurich you didn’t know


As the financial Swiss capital, most people see Zurich as a straight-laced and no-nonsense city. But these 11 surprising facts show Zurich is more fun than it lets on.

Swiss parenting

Swiss resist overprotective childrearing – but are Swiss 'free-range' kids...


In Switzerland kids typically walk or play outside without strict supervision, part of a cultural legacy that could be at risk by fearful headlines of Switzerland's safety.

French gift ideas

15 fabulous French-inspired gift ideas you can buy online


Stuck for a fabulous gift idea? Here we look to French culture for inspiration for the best gift ideas – all of which can be ordered online and have a special French twist.

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