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Expat Blogs & Photos

Living abroad? Write about your experiences! Expatica encourages you to send in your views about living in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Expatica’s Blogs & Photos section publishes content on a variety of expat topics including politics, local events, local food recipes and photos as well as restaurant, film and book reviews, so the choice of subject matter is up...

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14/07/2014 In search of the world’s healthiest diets

In search of the world’s healthiest diets Emily McLaren searches through a wide variety of the world's cuisines in an attempt to discover the healthiest diets in the world.

24/06/2014 Unexpected Traveller: Gare du Midi – lost by translation

"The Unexpected Traveller: Gare du Midi: Lost by translation" Confused by Belgium's train station signs in different languages? Antoine's visitors get lost in translation between Bruxelles-Midi and Brussels-Zuid at Gare du Midi.

10/06/2014 Xenophobe's® Guides: How to act French

"Xenophobe's® Guides: French Etiquette" The French distinguish between rules and formalities: The former are to be ignored, while the latter strictly dictate French etiquette and behaviour.

27/05/2014 In Germany, A Broad: The language learning curve

"In Germany, A Broad: German Language learning curve" Skilled at German pantomime? Flapping your arms to indicate you want 'bird food' is just one part of the German language learning curve.

08/07/2014 I was an expat wife: How to manage culture shock

"I was an expat wife: How to manage culture shock" Maria Foley explores the varying degrees in which culture shock affects expats, and how expats can best manage their culture shock after moving abroad.

10/06/2014 The Culture Trip: Top 10 Belgian films

The Culture Trip: The best of Belgian cinema Marcus Clark discusses the best of Belgium's cult films and classic movies to emerge from Belgian cinema.

27/05/2014 Becoming Madame: The secret to French allure

"Becoming Madame: French beauty secrets 101" French beauty is about optimising a woman's allure in an imperfect and seemingly effortless way. Embody French seductiveness with these top styling tips from Parisian locals.

29/04/2014 The German Way: The good, the bad and the ugly (part 2)

The German Way: The good, the bad and the ugly Love it or hate it? A dissection of German life tackles the good, bad, and ugly side of living as an expat in Germany.

30/01/2013 Top 10 UK foods

Top 10 UK foods Traditional British food is ‘comfort food’: heart-warming, filling and satisfying. Here are some typical foods and dishes from around the country.

01/07/2014 The Culture Trip: Top 10 films from the Netherlands

The Culture Trip: The best films from The Netherlands View another side of the Netherlands with the Culture Trip's selection of the top 10 films to come from the Netherlands' cinema scene.