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Expat Blogs & Photos

Living abroad? Write about your experiences! Expatica encourages you to send in your views about living in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Expatica’s Blogs & Photos section publishes content on a variety of expat topics including politics, local events, local food recipes and photos as well as restaurant, film and book reviews, so the choice of subject matter is up...

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22/04/2014 Expat employment in Europe's main cities

Most popular professions for European expats Take a glimpse into expat professional life in main cities across Europe, based on a survey of 11,500 expats living in international hotspots from Brussels to Madrid to Zurich.

01/04/2014 Xenophobe's® Guides: The two sides of Belgian culture

"Xenophobe's® Guides: Culture" Scratch a Belgian and you'll find a Surrealist – Belgium's seemingly placid culture hides a penchant for controversial art and incongruous imagery. Manneken-Pis anyone?

11/03/2014 Prête-Moi Paris: Beauty is all in the 'detaille'

"Prête-Moi Paris: Beauty is all in the detaille" One Parisian countess's attempt to protect her skin while driving an early motorised (windowless) vehicle turned into a makeup boutique that has lasted more than 100 years.

25/02/2014 Amazing Capitals: Germany's A-list of famous personalities

Famous German personalities Who's who in the German world? Here's a list of Germany's most famous (living) talents, from politicians to internationally renown German celebrities.

22/04/2014 Enjoy Living Abroad: Home is where the laptop is

Enjoy Living Abroad: Home is where the laptop is Dare to pack it all up and move abroad? Lindsay and Ross share insight into how to manage an international nomadic lifestyle while maintaining a professional working life.

11/03/2014 Things you didn't know about Belgium: Get that baby a borrel!

Things you didn't know about Belgium: Get that baby a borrel! Baby shower or baby borrel? Learn all about the Belgian baby borrel – a party in Belgium to celebrate the birth of a Flemish child.

21/01/2014 Xenophobe's® Guides: How the French see themselves - and you

"Xenophobe's® Guides: Nationalism & identity" What's the best thing in the world? Being French. Here's a guide on how you can adopt French nationalism and identity, too.

07/01/2014 All Sinks Cherman: Germans, the wind, and the windows

"All Sinks Cherman: The Wind and the Windows" A short story on the Germans' precarious balance of avoiding moving air 'es zieht' while frequently practising the art of ventilation 'lüften'.

18/10/2012 Luxembourgish delights (and a new place to find them)

Food map Luxemblogger has some tasty tips on where to find your favourite local treats.

15/04/2014 LifeinAmsterdam: Best chocolate shops in Amsterdam

LifeinAmsterdam: Best chocolate shops in Amsterdam Satisfy your sweet tooth with Kira Nijenhuis's selection of top chocolatiers in the city, sampling Amsterdam's array of hand made and luxurious chocolates.