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Expat Blogs & Photos

Living abroad? Write about your experiences! Expatica encourages you to send in your views about living in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Expatica’s Blogs & Photos section publishes content on a variety of expat topics including politics, local events, local food recipes and photos as well as restaurant, film and book reviews, so the choice of subject matter is up...

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28/08/2014 Dutch society and working culture

Dealing with the Dutch Are the Dutch really flexible and direct? We take a look at the Dutch attitude to work, family life and time.

19/08/2014 The Culture Trip: Time travel at Bruges’ Historium museum

The Culture Trip: Bringing the Middle Ages to life with Bruges’ Historium Bruges' multimillion Historium museum take visitors back to the Middle Ages with a tour that uses each of the five senses to explore the city as it once was.

19/08/2014 Flip-Flop France: 20 signs you're becoming French

"Flip-Flop France: You know you're becoming French when..." From doing laundry to six-hour family lunches, living in France soon affects your approach to everything.

15/07/2014 The German Way: The good, the bad and the ugly (final)

"The German Way: The good, the bad and the ugly (final)" In the third part of the series, Hyde Flippo presents his final musings on the best and worst things about living in Germany as an expat.

07/05/2013 Not Hemingway's Spain: A typical Spanish day

Not Hemingway's Spain: A typical Spanish day Is it all siestas and fiestas? Getting used to the typical Spanish day can be a hard transition for expats, particularly the Spanish mealtimes.

30/01/2013 Top 10 UK foods

Top 10 UK foods Traditional British food is ‘comfort food’: heart-warming, filling and satisfying. Here are some typical foods and dishes from around the country.

26/08/2014 I was an expat wife: The 10 best things about being an expat

The 10 best things about being an expat wife Dare to risk it all for living abroad? Maria Foley contemplates the top 10 things about being an expat abroad.

15/07/2014 Colors of Brussels: The legends of Manneken Pis

Colors of Brussels: The myths of Manneken Pis Discover the folklore surrounding Manneken Pis, Belgium's famous bronze fountain statue in the heart of Brussels.

14/07/2014 In Great Spirits: Becoming a French wine 'spécialiste'

In Great Spirits: Getting to know French wines Wine educator Sharona Tsubota lists the best ways to get acquainted with the world of French wine, from French wine fairs and wine tasting classes to self-guided wine tours in France.

01/07/2014 Lipstick and Laptop: Dealing with German housing deficits

Have Lipstick and Laptop will Travel: German housing deficits When living in Germany, if you expect light fixtures, wardrobes and the kitchen sink to be intact in your new German home... think again.