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Flemish companies geared to expand to Myanmar

25th March 2013, Comments0 comments

Flemish companies are increasingly expanding their foothold in Myanmar, the South-East Asian country that remained closed to the West for decades. Now that the country has moved to a more democratic government, the civilian government is seeking to boost the economy with modernization campaigns. With five companies all lined up, Flanders has joined the foreign rush for a piece of the action. So far plans have been approved for the Ghent-based biopharmaceutical company Devgen to start trial projects on high-quality rice, while demining company Bom.be from Louvain has been contracted by the Myanmar government to clear explosives and Newtec from Sint-Niklaas has been awarded the contract for satellite communications during the South-East Asian Games. “You have to move fast as these opportunities are grabbed up quickly,” said Flemish minister-president Kris Peeters CD&V during his current trade mission to Myanmar.

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