Yves Leterme to stay in the Senate

3rd February 2009, Comments 0 comments

The former Federal Prime Minister Yves Leterme has told VRT television that he will not head the Flemish Christian democrats’ list in this year’s European elections.

BRUSSELS -- Leterme was giving his first television interview, since he resigned as Prime Minister just before Christmas.

He told viewers of the VRT’s current affairs programme “De zevende dag”, that he would do all he could to support the Christian democrat slates in the regional and European elections.

However, he stressed that he intended to remain in the Belgian Senate.

“I feel that I should continue to carry out the mandate I was given by the electorate until the end of the legislature.”

“This is why I won’t opt for a seat in the Flemish or European Parliament, but for my current job in the Belgian Parliament.”

Yves Leterme got more than 800,000 votes in the June 2007 federal elections.

He took up his seat in the Belgian Senate after his resignation from the Federal Government.

Although Leterme intends to stay in the Senate, he has not ruled out standing for the regional or European elections, possibly at the last candidate on the Flemish Christian democrats’ list.

Speaking about the events surrounding his resignation, Leterme said that he hoped that the Fortis affair will not be used for political ends and that the mistakes made by the judiciary will also be examined.

Leterme was forced to resign after he was accused of having tried to influence a judge involved in a case related to the sale of the Belgian Bank and insurance company Fortis to the French bank BNP-Paribas.

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