Voka: "We are sick and tired of it"

23rd November 2011, Comments 0 comments

During a congress held by the Flemish employers’ organisation Voka on the agility of businesses, chairman Luc De Bruyckere yesterday fiercely criticized the government negotiators who are opposing the structural reforms requested by Europe. De Bruyckere alluded to formateur Elio Di Rupo’s fellow party member Paul Magnette's reference to the six European recommendations as “a source of inspiration”. “It is incomprehensible and unacceptable that certain federal negotiators can dismiss these recommendations as a 'source of inspiration'. The refusal by some to grasp the reality is nothing but dangerous,” the Voka chairman maintains. He calls for more agility in respect of the policy in an effort to break with outdated conception and achievements. Bert De Graeve, CEO of Bekaert, echoed De Bruyckere’s sentiments during his own speech, saying: “Adopting an attitude of powerlessness and pain and then approaching the king is no solution,” in response to formateur Di Rupo’s resignation tendered on Monday. De Bruyckere further asked “whether we should actually wait for legal restraint to be imposed by Europe before we see the urgency?” “Everything in the negotiations that is tabled now, is too little too late and will hardly facilitate the reforms we urgently need. Our time has run out. We have already started paying for it,” he added. However, he does not advocate a government of technocrats as an alternative to the deadlock, saying: “A business government translates as the abdication of politics and should only be used as the last possible resort.”

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