‘Van Rompuy wants to complete his remit’

5th September 2007, Comments 0 comments

Rompuy is to explore the possibilities to form a new federal coalition government, after previous formation talks collapsed.

Herman van Rompuy, who was appointed by King Albert last week to explore the possibilities of breaking the deadlock in the government formation talks, will continue his consultations with the party leaders of the Christian democrats (CD&V/N-VA) and the Liberal party today The spokesperson for the parliamentary faction of CD&V emphasised that Van Rompuy will not give up his remit to the king.

Today Rompuy will hold separate talks with the faction leader of the francophone liberal party MR and the other francophone party faction leader Joelle Milguet. Last night Rompuy met with Dutch-speaking party leaders Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V/N-VA) and Bart Somers (open VLD)

The outcome of the meetings has not been made public and Van Rompuy remains silent. He will not present the interim results of his consultations to the public.

On Monday Rompuy received the answer to his question of whether Ecolo, the francophone green party, was willing to form a coalition government with the CD&V and the Liberal party.The francophone green party Ecolo stated three conditions. These conditions were almost impossible to comply with and hence Ecolo’s answer came down to a ‘no’ making Rompuy’s task even more difficult.

Rompuy met King Albert on Tuesday to discuss current  the state of affairs.

5 September 2007

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