VRT scraps programme on "Führer's" favourite food

28th October 2008, Comments 0 comments

VRT has decided not to broadcast the culinary magazine "Plat Préféré" after protest from Jewish organisations.

28 October 2008

VRT has decided not to broadcast this week's planned edition of the culinary magazine "Plat Préféré" after protest from Jewish organisations and a group representing those interned in camps during the Second World War. Each week "Plat Préféré" features the favourite dish of an important figure from the 20th century.

Previous editions have featured the culinary favourites of the artist Salvador Dali and the singer Jacques Brel.

However, the decision to include Adolf Hitler's favourite dish of trout in butter sauce in the series caused something of a storm.

 The Association of Belgian Political Prisoners and the Jewish magazine “Joods Actueel" previously expressed their displeasure at the plans to broadcast the programme last week.

They were concerned that such a programme about the eating habbits of a man responsible for the deaths of millions of people simply wasn't appropriate.

The VRT had remained adamant that the programme would be broadcast.

However, bosses at the Flemish public broadcaster have now decided to pull the plug on the programme, although the VRT still stands by its contents.

 "It's a well-balanced programme in which chef Jeroen Meus paints an accurate picture of Adolf Hitler and the historical context in which he lived."

However, VRT's press statement goes on to say that it was a mistake to put the programme into a series in which all the other protagonists were famous for the positive contribution that they had made to life in the 20 century.


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