Two die in Brussels incidents

29th March 2010, Comments 3 comments

On Sunday, two people died following a fight in the European quarter.

A fight broke out at Trone around 10 am. One man stabbed another. He ran off and when emergency services arrived at the scene, the victim had already passed away.

Emergency services alerted the police who immediately sent three teams. One of the police cars, however, struck into a Mercedes which landed on the sidewalk, killing a 24-year-old woman who was passing by.

The attacher was soon apprehended as police followed his trail of blood trail, which led them to  a local supermarket. He was still carrying the knife he had used.

The fight took place in the European quarter around 10 a.m. One man was stabbed by another, who ran away. When emergency services arrived at the scene, the victim had already passed away.

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  • Joan Redemer posted:

    on 31st March 2010, 17:08:17 - Reply

    Did anyone proof read this article?
  • Mark Barwick posted:

    on 31st March 2010, 12:12:44 - Reply

    No mention is made into any investigation of the death of the unfortunate by-stander. I have often been amazed at the irresponsable conduct of police and emergency services around Brussels. It does not at all surprise me that such a tragedy would happen in connection with a police action of this sort. Aside from the criminal act, who is being held responsable for the death of this young person?
  • HAGGAR_DUNORD posted:

    on 29th March 2010, 17:17:37 - Reply

    The original may have been in Flemish - but do try to write proper English, correct your spelling and make sense of your reporting which does not. Where is the second victim ?