Students don't like Flanders

15th January 2008, Comments 3 comments

Figures show that only few foreign students opt for a stay in Flanders during their student career

Figures compiled by the daily De Standaard show that only few foreign students opt for a stay in Flanders during their student career.

There has been an increase in the number of foreign students studying here as part of the European exchange programme Erasmus, but other figures are not all that impressive.

Quizzed about the relative scarcity of courses in English Theo Franken of the Office of Flemish International Relations Minister Geert Bourgeois (Flemish nationalist) says the lack of enthusiasm for Flanders has nothing to do with the limited number of courses in English.

He says that Flanders does not seem to be the most attractive place to come and study even if there are courses in English.

The number of Flemish students studying abroad with a European grant is around 2% -a figure that has hardly changed in recent years.

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  • jimmy posted:

    on 13th March 2008, 19:43:34 - Reply

    probably just the weather...
  • kamal posted:

    on 23rd January 2008, 23:53:59 - Reply

    i like to study in belgium
  • mercedes von uppity posted:

    on 23rd January 2008, 00:05:56 - Reply

    Well I was a foreign student in Flanders and I loved it, as did ALL of my many foreign student friends. There were many studies in English, and the few courses that weren't in English offered independant studies as an alternative int he subject.

    Flanders is a small place that I think outsiders don't know much about. That would be the only reason why foreigners might not chose to go there as often as the survery would like/expect.